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    Insider Talking: January 29, 1999

    Cayman Islands Government award members huge salary increases, McKeeva Bush offers $200,000 to settle $1 million liability, according to First Cayman Bank liquidators; Antigua journalist Tim Hector continues to publish despite printing presses being destroyed in an arson attack, the dubious past of New Utopia conman Prince Lazarus Long, a.k.a. Howard Turney; First Nevisian Group forms Life Offshore Group of Companies, Barron's magazine rips into Agora's The Oxford Club.

    James Dale Davidson and Agora Inc.: Sorting out fact from fiction

    Investment adviser James Dale Davidson, an American businessman with extensive offshore interests who featured prominently in last month's expose of investment clubs run by Baltimore-based Agora Publishing, was taken aback recently when a subscriber to Agora's newsletter Strategic Investment posted the following message on its web-site: "I have been an eager reader of your insightful speculations about the world and its rapid devolution from nation-state boundaries. I am thus perplexed by the witless investment advice promoted as 'intelligence' within these hallowed halls of the privileged and elitely 'connected' 'sources'."

    Agora’s investment clubs – complaints galore

    Fancy making an annual 100 per cent return on your investment with minimum risk? Or how about receiving immunity against cancer, diabetes and senility? It might sound too ridiculous for words - and of course it is - but people are actually falling for this promotional spiel put out by two private investment clubs run by Baltimore-based Agora Publishing, which has close business ties to Lines Overseas Management, a Bermuda-based financial services firm, and also Lord William Rees-Mogg, former editor of The Times newspaper of London.