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    Evatt Tamine v. Bermuda Press (Holdings) Ltd.: Redacted Ruling

    Redacted Ruling denying the defendant's application for an order to discharge an ex parte order regarding "articles and hyperlinks to documents in the articles as published on the RG Online" involving Robert Brockman, described as "a US national who is presently under indictment in the United States for charges of tax fraud", in Evatt Anthony Tamine, an Australian lawyer v. Bermuda Press (Holdings) Ltd., publisher of The Royal Gazette daily newspaper in Bermuda, at Bermuda Supreme Court.

    USA v. Robert Brockman: USA’s Opposition to Tangarra’s Motion to Strike

    USA's Opposition to Motion to Strike by Bermuda-domiciled Tangarra Consultants Ltd. in USA v. Robert T. Brockman at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas.Editor's Note: This document, which is publicly-available from federal court in the United States, is the subject of ongoing legal proceedings at Bermuda Supreme Court in which Tangarra's principal, Evatt Tamine, an Australian lawyer who provided services to Brockman (a software tycoon who was criminally indicted in the US for an alleged $2 billion tax fraud), obtained an injunction that legally prohibits Bermuda Press (Holdings) Ltd., the publisher of local daily newspaper The Royal Gazette, from publishing an exhibit to the document, specifically a 56-page affidavit by Tamine, who is a self-described "cooperating witness" in the US criminal action against Brockman. Bermuda Judge Larry Mussenden ruled that “the confidentiality” of Tamine’s affidavit had not been lost by its “limited publication” on the US Court’s website. To eliminate that as a credible argument, OffshoreAlert has today not only published the contentious document but made it available to everyone for free (both subscribers and non-subscribers). We do so in the public interest. Bermuda Supreme Court has a long history of draconian secrecy, first by denying the general public access to any writs for over 40 years and then, after Bermuda’s Chief Justice acknowledged in 2015 that the practice was essentially illegal, continuing to seal entire business-related cases and writs on a disturbingly-high scale, an inevitable consequence of which is that questionable conduct by Bermuda entities is concealed from existing clients, potential clients, and everyone else.

    Letter from Bermuda: Corrupt Gov’t v. Investigative Journalism

    Dictators consider the media in their countries as either a tool or a thorn in their sides. Throughout history, repressive leaders have taken control of the media to shut down opposition and the forum they provide for public discussion. The state of a country's media is usually representative of the degree of freedom enjoyed in that country. Bermuda has a daily newspaper, a twice-weekly and a weekly newspaper, all publicly owned. It has three TV channels attached to the US networks, and a number of locally operated channels pump out music videos and travelogues. Four or five radio stations are on the air. More than a dozen magazines are published routinely, year round. A handful of Bermuda-centric books appear every year.

    Insider Talking: April 30, 2001

    Attorney David Hampton Tedder, 54, who has spent much of his career involved in offshore finance, including several dubious ventures, is no longer licensed to practice law in the United States. Records kept by the State Bar of California, where