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John Tang et al v. CITIC Capital Holdings Ltd. et al: Class Action Complaint (‘Fraud by State-Owned Chinese Entities’)

Class Action Complaint alleging "unlawful schemes by a number of state-owned Chinese corporations and individuals, GNC’s Directors of the Board and senior management, and financial advisor" in John Yong Tang, of New Jersey, and Faris Al Kooheji, a citizen of Bahrain v. CITIC Capital Holdings Ltd., of Hong Kong; CITIC Limited, CITIC Capital Partners LLC, GNC Holdings, LLC, ZT Biopharmaceutical LLC, Yichen Zhang, Yong Kai Wong, Hans Allegaert, Kenneth A. Martindale, Tricia K. Tolivar, Cameron Lawrence, Susan M. Canning, Michele S. Meyer, Alan D. Feldman, Michael F. Hines, Amy B. Lane, Philip E. Mallott, Robert F. Moran, Evercore Inc., and Gregory Berube at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.