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UK seeks evidence from Citibank for investigation into $5 m fraud

Article based on an application to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged fraud - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from the United Kingdom - that was filed at federal court in the USA on November 24, 2004. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the request for assistance include Raymond Burraway, Mettrade Establishment, Patricia Francis, John Billington, Nicholas Webster, John Botros, Citibank, Bank of Nova Scotia, TTT Moneycorp, Ferick Smith, Christine Dixon, Curtis Samuel, and Verwaltungs-und Privat-Bank AG.

Florida court grants judicial assistance to Liechtenstein for money laundering investigations

Article based on two applications to collect evidence for separate criminal investigations into suspected money laundering - pursuant to requests for judicial assistance from Liechtenstein - that were filed at federal courts in the USA on June 14, 2001 and June 15, 2001. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the requests for assistance include Jorge Hugo Reyes Torres, Herbert Batliner, Helmuth Otto Wilhelm Eduard Stanisch, Enrico Clerici, Dresdner Bank (Switzerland) AG, Peter Niermann, Verwaltungs-und Privat Bank AG, Pablo Escobar, Juan Carlos Saavedra Molina, Eugen von Hoffen, Eugen Heeb, Maria Sanclemente, Angela Maria Narvaez, Rosa Elvira Muñoz, Nestor Gomez Mejia, Intercompany Management AG, Barex Shipping, Conus Shipping, Nomentana, Calcul Business Consulting, Cashcom Investments, Con Moto Stiftung, Brenner Stiftung, Ancestry Foundation, FSK Foundation, Von Langenburg Stiftung, Agnat Stiftung, Valauris AG, Langdon Shipping Ltd., Standex Shipping Ltd., Zundorf Unternehmens AG, LGT Bank, Citibank, National Financial Services Corp., and Pershing Securities Ltd.