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    USA v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd. et al: Forfeiture Complaint

    Forfeiture Complaint in USA v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd., Prevezon Alexander, LLC, Prevezon Soho USA, LLC, Prevezon Seven USA, LLC, Prevezon Pine USA, LLC, Prevezon 1711 USA, LLC, Prevezon 1810, LLC, Prevezon 2009 USA, LLC, Prevezon 2011 USA, LLC, Ferencoi Investments, Ltd., and Kolevins, Ltd. at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, regarding the proceeds of an alleged tax fraud in Russia that, inter alia, led to the death of attorney Sergei Magnitsky.

    Aikate Properties Inc.: Beneficial Ownership

    Letter from Andrew Moray Stuart, Director of Aikate Properties Inc., stating that Russian national Vladlen Stepanov is the beneficial owner of Aikate Properties Inc.