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    Caledonia management ‘destroyed records’, ex-chairman involved in new firm

    Insiders at Bahamas based financial services firm Caledonia Corporate Management Group appear to have destroyed corporate emails shortly before putting the massively insolvent and allegedly fraudulently operated company into voluntary liquidation, according to liquidator Anthony Kikivarakis, of Deloitte & Touche

    Canadian defrauded two Bahamas brokers of $29 m, alleges indictment

    Canadian national George Georgiou has been criminally indicted in the United States for allegedly defrauding two Bahamas based broker dealers of at least $29 million in a securities scam. Georgiou, 39, masterminded a scheme that caused losses of "approximately $25

    Client’s $25 m trading loss caused collapse of financial group, says liquidator

    A trading loss of $25 million by a Canadian client with a checkered past has emerged as the principal reason for the collapse of a Bahamas-based financial services group earlier this year.Caledonia Corporate Management Limited allowed 39-year-old Ontario resident George Georgiou to start trading without providing any cash or security of his own, instead lending him millions of dollars and pledging other clients' assets as collateral, which were subsequently sold to meet a margin call. As Caledonia's problems mounted, the firm's principals then siphoned off virtually all of its remaining assets for no consideration to new companies they created, managed and controlled, leaving behind a shell that had unaudited assets of US$269,113 and liabilities that management listed as US$57,391 but which, in reality, will include the full amount of Georgiou's trading losses.

    Clients file lawsuit against Bahamas-based Caledonia Group

    A civil complaint has been filed in the Bahamas by certain clients who are facing heavy losses from the collapse of the Caledonia Corporate Management Group Limited following trading losses estimated to be at least $20 million.

    Caledonia Group goes into liquidation after reported $20m in trading losses

    Bahamas-based investment firm Caledonia Corporate Management Group Limited went into voluntary liquidation on February 12, 2008 after reportedly incurring an estimated $20 million in trading losses. Anthony Kikivarakis, of Deloitte & Touche (Bahamas), has been appointed liquidator.Caledonia applied for liquidation after consultation with its local regulator, the Securities Commission of the Bahamas, which licensed the firm as a broker-dealer, according to a news article in The Tribune, in the Bahamas.

    Leadenhall Bank’s insolvency estimated at $11.3 m

    Bahamas-based Leadenhall Bank & Trust Ltd., which was closed down by regulators seven months ago, may be insolvent by more than $11 million. That was the glum news for creditors in the first report of liquidator Craig A. (Tony) Gomez on December 9, 2005. On paper, the bank had shareholders' equity of $1.6 million as of October 3, 2005, with assets of $29,864,139, including $20.4 million in cash, and liabilities of $28,235,807. “However my review has revealed that the balance sheet includes loans and past due credit card receivables totaling $6.6 and $6.3 million, respectively, and that both balances are either unsecured or inadequately collateralized,” stated Gomez in his report.

    Regulator suspends Leadenhall Bank license

    Leadenhall Bank & Trust Company Limited has had its bank and trust license suspended by the Central Bank of the Bahamas and gone into Receivership.The Central Bank did not go into details about the reasons for its actions in a public announcement yesterday but stated the measures were intended "to protect the interests of depositors".

    Offshore credit-card holders await refunds as litigation drags on in the Bahamas

    A bitter legal dispute is taking place in the Bahamas over the refunding of millions of dollars to people who held offshore credit cards issued by Leadenhall Bank & Trust Ltd. Bahamas-based Leadenhall and First Financial Caribbean Trust Company Ltd., a licensed trust company in the Turks & Caicos Islands, each claims the other holds security deposits that are owed to card-holders.