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Latin America Round-Up: May 5, 2006

ARGENTINA & OTHERS Efforts to regulate remittances markets…The Argentinean Central Bank is examining a plan to toughen the regulation of the remittances market in order to prevent money laundering. Remittances to Argentina rose almost eightfold, from $100 billion in 2001

Latin America Round-Up: March 6, 2006

ARGENTINA: New Anti-Money Laundering unit; BRAZIL: PineBank under Scrutiny in Miami; CHILE: More controls over casinos; COLOMBIA: Businessman accused of money laundering; Rodríguez Orejuela's son in trouble; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The Anti-Laundering Unit fever goes on; GUATEMALA: US to help in anti-laundering efforts; INTERNATIONAL: New guidelines for correspondent banks; REGIONAL: In the footsteps of their fathers; and PERU: Laundered money is about $550 Million.