Tatiana Akhmedova v. Farkhad Akhmedov et al: Judgment

    Judgment for hundreds of millions of dollars in favor of a “wife” who “has been the victim of a series of schemes designed to put every penny of the Husband’s wealth beyond her reach” involving individuals, companies, and structures in Bermuda, Cyprus, Dubai, England, France, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Panama, Russia, and Switzerland in Tatiana Akhmedova v. Farkhad Teimur Ogly Akhmedov, a citizen of Russia; Woodblade Limited, of Cyprus; Cotor Investment SA, of Panama; Qubo 1 Establishment, of Liechtenstein; Qubo 2 Establishment, of Liechtenstein; Straight Establishment, of Liechtenstein; Avenger Assets Corporation, of Panama; Counselor Trust Reg, of Liechtenstein, as Trustee of certain Trusts; Sobaldo Establishment, of Liechtenstein, as Trustee of certain Trusts; Temur Akhmedov, described as “a British citizen who lives in London”, and Borderedge Limited, of Cyprus, at the High Court of Justice, for England and Wales.

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    April 21, 2021
    Farkhad Teimur Ogly Akhmedov, Woodblade Limited, Cotor Investment SA, Qubo 1 Establishment, Qubo 2 Establishment, Straight Establishment, Avenger Assets Corporation, Counselor Trust Reg, Sobaldo Establishment, Temur Akhmedov, Borderedge Limited
    Robin Knowles
    Tatiana Akhmedova
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    Fraud, Money Laundering
    Alan Gourgey KC, James Willan, PCB Litigation