TFM Investment Group et al v. Andrew J. Zahn et al: Stipulation of Settlement

Stipulation of Settlement in TFM Investment Group, Mark J. Dearman, WPG Merger Arbitrage Fund, LP, and WPG Arbitrage Overseas Fund, Ltd. v. IBP, Inc., Foodbrands America, Inc., Diversified Food Group, LLC, Robert L. Peterson, Larry Shipley, Richard L. Bond, R. Randolph Devening, William Brady, Andrew Joseph Zahn, and Philip Sexauer at the U. S. District Court for the District of South Dakota.

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    July 21, 2003
    Andrew Joseph Zahn, Philip Sexauer, William Brady, R. Randolph Devening, Richard L. Bond, Larry Shipley, Robert L. Peterson, Diversified Food Group, LLC, Foodbrands America, Inc., IBP, Inc.
    TFM Investment Group, WPG Arbitrage Overseas Fund, Ltd., WPG Merger Arbitrage Fund, LP, Mark J. Dearman
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