Timothy & Claire Schools: Wedding Video

PLAYING THE BIG MAN (WITH VICTIMS' MONEY): This video, taken on March 19th, 2011, shows British lawyer and former policeman Timothy Schools entertaining his family, friends, and associates to champagne and fine-dining at a luxury ski hotel in the French Alps that he co-owned - all bought and paid for with some of the tens of millions of dollars that he swindled from investors in Axiom Legal Financing Fund, a litigation funding-based investment scam he started two years earlier. The occasion was Schools' 50th birthday and his marriage to Claire Schools, who was also involved with Axiom. Several other participants in the scam were in attendance, including Richard Emmett, Dale Stephenson, and Alan Hutson.


  • Tony Lee
    Sickening to see the b*stard and his friends and ?family? enjoying themselves at my not inconsiderable expense.
  • Liam Devlin
    This lifestyle and outcome was inevitable. I knew them in the late nineties/early noughties and they were flying by the seat of their pants then on their champagne lifestyle and lemonade budget. They had staff lying for a living a member of staff stole from me in the building I sub let to them and they covered it up. Claire was bragging back then about having a £45000 kitchen installed in her house whilst the staff were chasing them for their weekly paychecks. They robbed Peter, paid Paul and went and robbed Peter again under a different name.
  • John
    He’s got his comeuppance eventually. She gets away with it all and keeps the money. Their house is up for sale at £2m she’ll get the lot. There’s something very wrong about that.
    • Carole Evans
      Is that Headley House Joss Lane, we had dealings with them years and both Crooks.
    • mm
      It's very disappointing that Timothy Schools is the only Axiom fraud participant who was convicted. David Rae wasn't even charged. In my experience, very few fraudsters are ever investigated, much less prosecuted, convicted, and given a meaningful sentence, particularly in Britain, which has a very poor record of convicting financial crooks. I don't know specifics about the Schools' house, who owns it, who will receive the proceeds, etc.
  • Stephen Ellis
    It seems the whole financial world is corrupt. I was once offered the opportunity to "invest" in this Company AXION, by a "Financial Advisor" who was doing his business in Cyprus. Fortunately I didn't invest. Shortly afterwards the "advisor" suddenly left Cyprus when everything started to collapse! People lost thousands £'s. A couple of years later when the dust had settled he returned. Well done to Offshore Alert for the successful conviction.

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