Timothy Schools v. David Marchant, et al: Libel Complaint

Libel complaint in Timothy Schools v. David Marchant and KYC News, Inc. at the United Kingdom High Court on November 22, 2012.

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November 22, 2012
Fraud, Money Laundering


  • mm
    David Marchant
    See my latest blog for my full response. The reference in the letter to Tim Schools' daughter, Lisa Schools, concerns a claim on her LinkedIn profile that she served as "Senior Administrator/Office Manager" of both Ashton Fox Solicitors and Check Mate Audits, which collectively defrauded Axiom Legal Financing Fund of many millions of pounds. Ms. Schools claims, inter alia, been "responsible for accounts handling" and to have 'completed audits'. As soon as OffshoreAlert pointed this out to Tim Schools' attorney, all references to Ashton Fox/Check Mate Audits were deleted from Ms. Schools' LinkedIn profile. OffshoreAlert will now begin investigating what role she played in the Axiom scheme.
  • Chris Salt
    It sounds as though Mr Schools resents that suddenly his wife and now also his daughter are becoming exposed in this same matter. He should have realised that if he chooses to commit serious crime whilst involving his family members then it is inevitable that there will be formidable far reaching repurcussions for all involved.
    I put it to Mr Schools that his life and those of his family are about to change irrevocably just as it has already for the hundreds of Investors whose funds he has purportedly embezzled!

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