Troy Hogg v. Stephen Braverman et al: Complaint (‘Crypto Fraud’)

    Complaint “to recover for tens of millions of dollars and/or equitable relief for a series of transactions by which defendants mulcted tens of millions of dollars from plaintiff” regarding a cryptocurrency scheme involving entities in Bermuda, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and USA in Troy James Hogg, of Canada; Leila Holdings Ltd., which is identified as a Canadian company in the complaint even though it appears to be domiciled in Bermuda, derivatively and on behalf of Arbitrade Ltd., of Bermuda v. Stephen Lance Braverman, described as a resident of California; Kent Mason Swig, of New York; Dignity Holdings LLC, of Delaware; Dignity Mining Group LLC, of Delaware; Dignity Gold LLC, of Delaware; Charles Hamlin Woodworth, of New Jersey; Max Warren Barber, of Utah; William Richard Sanders, of Tennessee; Scotia International of Nevada Inc., of Utah; SION Trading FZE, of the United Arab Emirates; Prieur Leary, of Florida; CoinMint LLC, of Puerto Rico, and Hayden Gill, of Montana, at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York.

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    July 21, 2022
    Stephen Lance Braverman, Kent Mason Swig, Dignity Holdings LLC, Dignity Mining Group LLC, Dignity Gold LLC, Charles Hamlin Woodworth, Max Warren Barber, William Richard Sanders, Scotia International of Nevada Inc., SION Trading FZE, Prieur Leary, CoinMint LLC, Hayden Gill
    Troy James Hogg, Leila Holdings Ltd.
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    Fraud, Misappropriation
    Schlam Stone & Dolan, Jeffrey Eilender

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