USA v. Lorne Banks et al: Criminal Indictment

Indictment in USA v. Lorne Banks, Michael Bell, Howard Bidloff, Kevin Bregman, Russell Bronson, Charles Courville, Howard Dick, Walter Fantin, Michael Hamley, Joe Kelley, Thomas Laquer, a.k.a. Wayne Arnold, a.k.a. Wayne Donaldson; Steve Millgram, a.k.a. Steve Louis; Gordon Orwin, a.k.a. Gordon Thomas; Marshall Alexander (Sandy) Reid, Martin Seagal, Marvin Simon, Walter Smolarek, a.k.a. Bob Winters, a.k.a. Walter Shaw; Victor Tomasicchio, a.k.a. Victor Thomas; Brian Wilson, John Doe #1, a.k.a. Andrew Barrington; John Doe #2, a.k.a. Bill Crandall; John Doe #3, a.k.a. Gordon Sinclair; and John Doe #4, a.k.a. Andrew Noble, at the U. S. District Court for the Western District of New York.

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December 05, 1997
Lorne Banks, Andrew Noble, Gordon Sinclair, Bill Crandall, Andrew Barrington, Brian Wilson, Victor Thomas, Victor Tomasicchio, Walter Shaw, Bob Winters, Walter Smolarek, Marvin Simon, Martin Seagal, Marshall Alexander (Sandy) Reid, Gordon Thomas, Gordon Orwin, Steve Louis, Steve Millgram, Wayne Donaldson, Wayne Arnold, Thomas Laquer, Joe Kelley, Michael Hamley, Walter Fantin, Howard Dick, Charles Courville, Russell Bronson, Kevin Bregman, Howard Bidloff, Michael Bell


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