USA v. Ramses Owens et al: Criminal Indictment

Criminal Indictment in USA v. Ramses Owens, a.k.a. Ramses Owens Saad; Dirk Brauer, Richard Gaffey, a.k.a. Dick Gaffey; and Harald Joachim von der Goltz, a.k.a. H.J. von der Goltz and Johan von der Goltz, in connection with the ICIJ’s ‘Panama Papers’ investigation of Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama, filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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    September 27, 2018
    Ramses Owens, Dirk Brauer, Richard Gaffey, Harald Joachim von der Goltz
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    Legal, Tax
    Fraud, Money Laundering