Zorin Sachak Khan et al v. Harneys Corporate Services Ltd. et al: Claim Form

Claim Form in Zorin Sachak Khan, Afaque Ahmed Khan, and Sasheen Anwar v. Harneys Corporate Services Limited, Maly Group S.A., V M Immobilien (BVI) Ltd., European Commodities Limited, Schweizer Holdings, S.A., Wiltshire Investments Holding Limited, Barts Racing & Sports Limited, V M Point S.A., H M Developments Limited, Jolanta Investments Limited, Schweizer Hotels S.A., and V M Immobilien S.A. at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

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    December 10, 2013
    Harneys Corporate Services Limited, V M Immobilien S.A., Schweizer Hotels S.A., Jolanta Investments Limited, H M Developments Limited, V M Point S.A., Barts Racing & Sports Limited, Wiltshire Investments Holding Limited, Schweizer Holdings, S.A., European Commodities Limited, V M Immobilien (BVI) Ltd., Maly Group S.A.
    Ogier, Clare-Louise Whiley
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    Zorin Sachak Khan, Sasheen Anwar, Afaque Ahmed Khan