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    LedgerScore International Pte Ltd. et al v. AuBit International: Winding Up Judgment (‘Crypto Investment Fraud’)

    Ex Tempore Judgment granting the plaintiffs' petition for a winding-up order in LedgerScore International Pte Ltd., of Singapore; LS Litigation Holdings LLC, of Wyoming, USA, and Earn Guild Pte Ltd., of Singapore, collectively described in the winding up petition as “retail investors who utilized an online cryptocurrency trading platform operated by the Company called “Freeway”, and who invested in Freeway’s Supercharger program” v. AuBit International at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

    AuBit International: Petition for Appointment of Restructuring Officers (‘Forex & Crypto Scheme Insolvency’)

    Petition for the Appointment of Restructuring Officers in the matter of AuBit International, formerly known as AuBit Tokens International, which "was originally incorporated to explore opportunities to create and market innovative digital financial products and digital assets using blockchain technology" and later "expanded into creating an innovative digital asset management platform", at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.