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‘We’re appealing our fine and have surrendered our Malta license,’ writes Amagis Capital Services representative

Letter to OffshoreAlert from Andrea Vianelli, on behalf of Amagis Capital Services Ltd., requesting the removal from our website of a public notice by the Malta Financial Services Authority that it had imposed an administrative fine of €2,500 on the company for failure to submit its 2019 audited financial statements on time, adding that the fine will be appealed and that the firm has voluntarily surrendered its 'Company Services Providers' license.

‘Remove content about my client or be sued,’ writes Sergi Pujol’s ‘reputation manager’

Letter to the Editor from Josep Coll Rodríguez, described as a reputation management lawyer in Barcelona representing Sergi Pujol, seeking the removal from OffshoreAlert's website and de-indexing from search engines of an application to collect evidence filed by the USA at federal court in Washington, D.C. regarding a Spanish criminal investigation into Pujol for suspected fraud and misappropriation, claiming that publication of the document violates European privacy laws.

‘Court order prohibits publication of Clyde Allen’s name,’ writes Cayman Deputy Solicitor General

Letter to the Editor from Claire Allen, Deputy Solicitor General of the Cayman Islands, essentially claiming that OffshoreAlert was in breach of a Cayman court order by identifying local attorney Clyde Allen when recently publishing an anonymized judgment in which he was suspended from practicing law for six months for professional misconduct regarding his representation of an American couple injured in a vehicle accident in Cayman.

‘I’m not a fraudster,’ writes convicted fraudster Sencer Sevket

Letter to the Editor from Sencer Sevket, a.k.a. Sendjer Shefket, a.k.a. Sencer Orhan - a convicted advance fee fraudster in England - demanding the removal of content from OffshoreAlert's website that he claims "falsely alleges me as a conman, fraudster, trickster" and threatening to sue us if we do not comply with his demand.

‘Remove document about Arion Metals or we sue,’ writes ‘ajithh’

Letter to OffshoreAlert from "ajithh" demanding the removal of a document regarding Arion Metals FZE, which is domiciled in Ras Al Khaimah, whose website describes it as being Dubai-based and "one of the fast growing ferrous and non-ferrous metals trading companies in UAE", and whose Managing Director, according to his LinkedIn profile, is Ajeet Rao.

‘Remove content about Donald Solow,’ writes ‘John Lambert’

Letter from "John Lambert", of "Lambert Worldwide", requesting the removal of copies of complaints filed by a United States-based insurer at federal court in New York against his "client", Donald Solow, alleging that he participated in a $135 million fraud with financial advisers in Bermuda and the Bahamas, and insurers and investment funds in the Cayman Islands.

‘I was never involved in fraud of any kind,’ writes Alexander Martin

Letter to OffshoreAlert from Alexander Martin, a citizen of the United Kingdom. requesting the removal of a 'Preliminary Investigation Report' regarding his arrest in Spain in 2013 for suspected involvement in a boiler room whose participants allegedly sold fraudulent investment products to the public.

‘Make my name disappear,’ writes Jeff Van Rooyen

Letter from Jeff Van Rooyen, of Belgium, requesting the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of a public warning against Best Plan SÀRL by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

‘You’re a cyber criminal,’ claims fraudster Jean-Philippe Grange

Letter to OffshoreAlert from Jean-Philippe Grange, of France, requesting the removal of content regarding Grange, Sam Zumbe, of England, and Newport Enterprises Group LLC, of Delaware, the latter of which was held out as a bank licensed by "the Pentagon" in the United States.

‘Remove content about Rani Jarkas,’ requests reputation manager

Email to OffshoreAlert from online reputation manager William K. Mabra requesting the removal of content about his client, Rani Jarkas, who operates Cayman Islands-domiciled Cedrus Investments and who was banned for life from the U.S. securities industry by FINRA in 2014.

‘Remove details of Dario Item’s disqualification’, writes reputation manager

Letter from Ealixir, which claims to be "world leaders in the removal of undesirable web content and links", requesting the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of an enforcement action by the Labuan Financial Services Authority against its client, Dario Item, who, according to his promotional material, is an attorney in Switzerland and, inter alia, the Ambassador for Antigua & Barbuda to Spain, Monaco, and Liechtenstein.

‘Remove reference to my client Dmitri Sepa,’ asks Estonian attorney

Letter from attorney Tatjana Dobolina requesting that OffshoreAlert remove a reference to her client, Dmitri Sepa, in an article by OffshoreAlert in 2008 that was based on a request for judicial assistance that was made in the USA by Estonia concerning an investigation into suspected import/export fraud and which was filed at federal court in Delaware.

‘I’ve a right to be forgotten under European law,’ writes Canadian Anne Strebinger

Letter from Anne Strebinger demanding the removal from OffshoreAlert's web-site of an SEC securities fraud complaint in which she is a relief defendant, claiming that she is an "EU citizen" and has a "right to be forgotten" under European law, notwithstanding the fact that, in the SEC's complaint, she is described as a Canadian citizen residing in Canada.

‘Remove information about my clients,’ writes Zoia Angelova

Letter from Zoia Angelova requesting the removal of a document and an article concerning a request for judicial assistance from Bulgaria regarding an investigation into Ms Angelova's clients, Yanko Haralambev and Dimitrichka Nikolova Yordanova.