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    ‘Remove details of David Kennedy’s conviction or I will continue to disrupt your website’, writes ‘Hardpink Legal’

    Bizarre letter from "Kojo Menne Asamoah DBA Hardpink Legal" demanding the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of details of the fraud conviction of David Kennedy for his role in the £121 million scam perpetrated by Cayman Islands-domiciled Axiom Legal Financing Fund, which collapsed after being exposed by OffshoreAlert in 2012. Remarkably, the author - who used a throw-away email address and may have been using a pseudonym - essentially claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on OffshoreAlert's website last week, which began three days after Kennedy's criminal conviction in England on May 3rd, 2024, ending the letter with the threat that "Failure to comply with this demand will continue with disruption of your service provided [by] Rackspace and Armor via all means necessary."

    ‘Remove negative content about Konstantin and Natalya Kagalovsky’, requests Italian ‘reputation manager’

    Letter to OffshoreAlert from Italian reputation manager Ufficio Legale Tutela Digitale requesting the removal or de-indexing of negative content concerning their Russian clients Konstantin Kagalovsky and his wife, Natalya Kagalovsky, claiming publication violates their "right to be forgotten as enshrined in Italian and EU jurisprudence and, even more concretely, in the new "Regulation (EU) 2016/679" specifically its Article 17".

    ‘Remove defamatory crypto fraud statements or I sue’, writes Gabriel Hay

    Letter from Gabriel Hay demanding the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of a filing at federal court in the United States that disclosed there was a criminal investigation into him and others who were “suspected of creating several Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rug pull scams that have defrauded investors of millions of dollars in various cryptocurrencies”.

    ‘Remove alert about Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais’, writes his London attorney

    Letter from Peter Baker, a partner with law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan UK LLP, of London, England, on behalf of its client, Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, a Swiss-Angolan businessman, requesting the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of a disqualification notice against Bastos de Morais that was published by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission on August 26th, 2020, falsely claiming that OffshoreAlert had not published the subsequent cancellation of the disqualification, even though we actually published it on October 2nd, 2020 - a mere one day after it was first published by the MFSC, and cross-linking it to the disqualification notice, no less.

    ‘Remove libelous content’, writes banned director Andy Altahawi

    Letter requesting the removal of "clearly libelous" content on OffshoreAlert's website because it "exposes me to hostility, scorn, mockery, and obloquy" from Andy Altahawi, who, in 2019, consented - without admitting or denying the allegations - to disgorging $21 million, a civil penalty of $2.98 million and a five-year prohibition from serving as an officer or director of an SEC reporting securities issuer to settle a complaint filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in which he was accused of fraud involving LongFin Corp.

    ‘Ex-directors to blame for late filing of accounts by Gaz Capital, not my client’, writes Luxembourg attorney Joram Moyal

    Letter from Luxembourg attorney Joram Moyal stating that his client, Eriks Martinovskis, who acts as "an independent company director for a number of companies", only became a director of Gaz Capital S.A. AFTER it had filed its accounts late with its regulator, for which the company was fined €10,000, and, therefore, was not responsible in any way for the regulatory breach.

    ‘Remove my name’, writes Swiss convicted fraudster & struck-off attorney Matthew Ledvina (again)

    A second letter in two months from Matthew Ledvina, a U.S. tax adviser in Switzerland who pleaded guilty to securities fraud in the USA in 2018 and was struck off as an attorney in England in 2022, requesting the removal of his name from OffshoreAlert's website, claiming that publication of his misdeeds breaches Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and his "right to be forgotten" and is causing "unwarranted harm to me or my reputation, which is contrary to my legitimate interest in the protection of my privacy".

    ‘I didn’t try to mislead you about Gibraltar’s Novasigma Ltd.’, writes Cyprus attorney Angelos Shakas

    Letter from Cyprus attorney Angelos Shakas in which he claimed "there was no intention to mislead" OffshoreAlert in a previous letter in which he claimed that the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission had removed a public warning against Gibraltar-domiciled Novasigma Limited, which was operated by Shakas' client, Georgia-based, Finnish tax advisor Jussi Hallikas, "due to the inaccuracy of its content" - an apparently false claim that led to the GFSC contacting Shakas after reading it in OffshoreAlert.

    ‘We’ll pay you $25K to remove content’, writes rep. for Ukraine’s Oksana Hryn, ‘Bear Stearns’ et al

    An email offering OffshoreAlert $25,000 for the removal from our website of an article and documents about a bizarre and seemingly-frivolous lawsuit filed by four Ukraine citizens and 35 suspiciously-named firms purportedly domiciled in some of the seediest offshore jurisdictions, including "Bear Stearns Companies", "Blackrock Capital", “Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital”, “Dreyfus Corporation”, and “State Street Global Advisors”, against Bahamas-domiciled securities broker Weiser Global Capital Markets Ltd. and others.

    ‘Remove my name or I’ll sue’, writes Geneva-based Jonathan Curci

    Letter from Jonathan Curci threatening to sue OffshoreAlert unless we removed his name from our website in association with Swiss International Asset Management AG, which was the target of a public warning by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority on May 16th, 2023 on suspicion of "conducting unauthorised activities in the financial market", on the basis that he ceased being a director of the company 17 months before the warning was issued. After receiving his letter, OffshoreAlert found a second company (GDM Finance Sàrl) that was the target of a similar FINMA warning in 2019 less than three months after Curci had ceased being Managing Director.

    ‘Remove my name or I’ll sue’, writes English lawyer Roy Daby

    Letter from Roy Daby, a lawyer in England, threatening OffshoreAlert with legal action if we did not remove his name from a news article about a Mauritius company of which he is a director alongside banned U.K. director and serial fraudster Brett 'James' Jolly (the second Jolly-controlled company of which Daby has been a director).

    ‘Remove malicious content’, writes ‘extremely angry’ Brian Mutambiranwa

    Two letters from Brian Mutambiranwa, one of which was allegedly blind-copied to "Michael, Managing Partner at Linklaters" who is "on standby to personally take this head-on & for next actions", requesting the removal of his name from OffshoreAlert's website, where it is mentioned that he is a former director of a now-defunct British company, African Development Funding Group Ltd., that was sued in New York regarding an allegedly fraudulent bank guarantee.

    ‘Remove incorrect story or I sue’, writes BitQuin’s David Quinn

    Letter from David Quinn, of Gibraltar-domiciled crypto firm BitQuin Ltd., threatening to sue OffshoreAlert for reporting that BitQuin was 'run' by its 47.5% shareholder and director Karel Manasco, whose assets were frozen on February 21st, 2023 for allegedly stealing £5 million from his former employer, £1.5 million of which was allegedly invested in an unidentified “crypto investment scheme”.

    ‘Remove BBShares crypto article,’ writes ‘Joe Juan’

    Letter from 'Joe Juan' requesting the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of an article about Cayman Islands-domiciled crypto fund manager BBShares Capital Management Ltd., claiming that a motion for the appointment of Inspectors filed at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands was "withdrawn ... because it is baseless".

    ‘Remove fraud complaint against me or I’ll sue,’ writes Brett Buckman

    Letter from Brett Buckman 'demanding' the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of a fraud complaint that was brought against him after he filed for bankruptcy in 2022 or "I intend to take legal action against you", falsely claiming in his letter that "The court has found these claims to be false" when, in reality, he settled the action for the full amount the plaintiff was claiming.

    ‘Remove complaint against my firm,’ writes Andres Szita

    Letter from Andres Szita requesting the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of a complaint against his firm, Laurus Global Investments LLC, because "I am trying to keep my personal business off of the internet for anyone to see".

    ‘Remove improperly obtained Cayman judgment that’s been set aside,’ writes Joseph Borkowski’s law firm

    Letter from Mourant Ozannes law firm, on behalf of "Joseph Borkowski, a director of RF Investment Holdings Limited (formerly Rasia)", requesting the removal from OffshoreAlert's website of a "Strike Out Judgment and the findings of fact" at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands that has been "set aside" by the Court because it was "improperly obtained" by the plaintiff, claiming that our continued publication of the judgment was "defamatory" and a "breach" of a Court order.

    ‘Remove my name from Belvedere Group article or I’ll sue’, writes Gibraltar service provider Philip Cartwright

    Letter from Gibraltar-based corporate services provider Philip Cartwright threatening to sue OffshoreAlert unless we removed his name from an article about the now-defunct, fraudulently-operated Belvedere Group in which he was identified as a director of Ratio Enterprises Limited, which was part of Belvedere client Richard Fagan's fraudulent Ratio Group. In subsequent correspondence, Cartwright informed OffshoreAlert in writing that "I have never been a director of a company called Ratio Enterprises Limited". OffshoreAlert then emailed him a copy of Ratio Enterprises’ 2011 annual return with Gibraltar’s Companies House that he himself signed and in which he twice identified himself as a director of the company.

    ‘I know where you live,’ writes IRS target Kevin Wessell

    Letter from self-described "asset protection expert" Kevin Wessell letting OffshoreAlert's publisher know that he has his full name and home address and requesting the removal "within 48 hours" of the word 'fraud' to describe an IRS investigation into his "Wessell Group" or face hearing from "my attorneys".

    ‘How much to remove content?’, writes ‘Michael Peterson’

    Letter from 'Michael Peterson', seemingly holding himself out as a lawyer, essentially offering to pay OffshoreAlert to remove a copy of a complaint alleging a $250 million digital tokens fraud that was filed at federal court in California.

    ‘Remove content about Dimitri Karamanos,’ writes his lawyer

    Letter to OffshoreAlert from Sveva Antonini, on behalf of her client, Dimitri Karamanos, a.k.a. Demetrios Karamanos, a.k.a. Dimitrios Karamanos, who was sentenced to 135 months in prison after being convicted of fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering in the United States in 1998, requesting the removal of content because it was "likely to cause serious damage ... to his image and reputation".

    ‘We’re appealing our fine and have surrendered our Malta license,’ writes Amagis Capital Services representative

    Letter to OffshoreAlert from Andrea Vianelli, on behalf of Amagis Capital Services Ltd., stating that the company intends to appeal a fine of €2,500 that was imposed by the Malta Financial Services Authority for failure to submit its 2019 audited financial statements on time and that the firm has voluntarily surrendered its 'Company Services Providers' license.

    ‘Remove content about my client or be sued,’ writes Sergi Pujol’s ‘reputation manager’

    Letter to the Editor from Josep Coll Rodríguez, described as a reputation management lawyer in Barcelona representing Sergi Pujol, seeking the removal from OffshoreAlert's website and de-indexing from search engines of an application to collect evidence filed by the USA at federal court in Washington, D.C. regarding a Spanish criminal investigation into Pujol for suspected fraud and misappropriation, claiming that publication of the document violates European privacy laws.

    ‘Court order prohibits publication of Clyde Allen’s name,’ writes Cayman Deputy Solicitor General

    Letter to the Editor from Claire Allen, Deputy Solicitor General of the Cayman Islands, essentially claiming that OffshoreAlert was in breach of a Cayman court order by identifying local attorney Clyde Allen when recently publishing an anonymized judgment in which he was suspended from practicing law for six months for professional misconduct regarding his representation of an American couple injured in a vehicle accident in Cayman.

    ‘I’m not a fraudster,’ writes convicted fraudster Sencer Sevket

    Letter to the Editor from Sencer Sevket, a.k.a. Sendjer Shefket, a.k.a. Sencer Orhan - a convicted advance fee fraudster in England - demanding the removal of content from OffshoreAlert's website that he claims "falsely alleges me as a conman, fraudster, trickster" and threatening to sue us if we do not comply with his demand.

    ‘Remove document about Arion Metals or we sue,’ writes ‘ajithh’

    Letter to OffshoreAlert from "ajithh" demanding the removal of a document regarding Arion Metals FZE, which is domiciled in Ras Al Khaimah, whose website describes it as being Dubai-based and "one of the fast growing ferrous and non-ferrous metals trading companies in UAE", and whose Managing Director, according to his LinkedIn profile, is Ajeet Rao.