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    Chris Johnson & Associates Ltd. v. Keith Kelty et al: Complaint (‘Defamation’)

    Complaint alleging defamation in Chris Johnson & Associates Ltd., described as a Cayman Islands-domiciled firm of insolvency practitioners v. Keith Kelty, described as "a Director of a Mutual Fund Administrator called "Fundhaven", which is registered in The Bahamas", and Mosaic Financial Ltd., described as "a Licensed Broker-Dealer registered with the Securities Commission of The Bahamas", at Bahamas Supreme Court.

    Millo Group: Petition to Recognize Brazil Liquidation

    Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Liquidation in Brazil in the matter of Atelier Design e Planejamento de Moveis Ltda, Colezzi lndustrja e Comercio de Moveis Ltda, Diamante Duna Participacoes Ltda, EMP Montagem e Instalacao de Moveis Ltda, Euromobile Montagem de Moveis Planejados Ltda, Indian Ebony Comercio de Moveis do Brasil Ltda, Italian Comercio de Moveis Ltda, Libia Comercio de Moveis Ltda Epp., Madagascar Administracao e Participao Ltda, Nogueira Alva Participacoes Ltda, Palladio Tee Comercio de Moveis e Eletrodomesticos Ltda, SIM Sistema Integrado de Moveis Ltda, and Via Movel Comercio de Moveis Ltda, all of Brazil, collectively the Millo Group (in Official Liquidation), at Bahamas Supreme Court.

    Peter Nygard v. Frederick Smith et al: Contempt of Court Appeal Judgment

    Judgment allowing an application by Peter Nygard, a Finnish-Canadian fashion businessman, to stay a Court Order committing and sentencing him to prison for 90 days for contempt of court in Peter John Nygard v. Frederick Smith QC, The Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay, and Callenders & Co. at the Court of Appeal in the Bahamas.

    Peter Nygard v. The Queen et al: Reasons for Decision

    Reasons for Decision in Peter Nygard v. The Queen, Perry Christie, Philip Brave Davis, Glenys Hanna Martin, The Town Planning Committee, Keod Smith, and Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay at the Bahamas Court of Appeal.

    Baha Mar Convention Center Company Ltd.: Ex Parte Summons

    Ex Parte Summons in Edmund L. Rahming, Mark Nicholas Cropper, and Alastair Beveridge, as Joint Voluntary Liquidators, v. Baha Mar Convention Center Company Ltd. (in Voluntary Liquidation) at Bahamas Supreme Court.

    Allan Bachewicz et al: Originating Summons

    Originating Summons in the matter of a Deed of Settlement between Allan Bachewicz and Margaret Bachewicz, of Florida, and Kristin Bianculli, as Trustee, also of Florida, at Bahamas Supreme Court.