BAPA Holdings Corp. v. Broadspan Capital LLC: Discovery Application

Application by BAPA Holdings Corp. to take discovery from Broadspan Capital LLC for use in legal proceedings in Guatemala "against Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala" for "breach of contract and for damages in excess of US$7 million pertaining to the development of “The Cove at Pristine Bay” in Roatan, Honduras", filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Avianca Holdings SA et al: Chapter 11 Petition

Chapter 11 Petition by Avianca Holdings SA, Aero Transporte de Carga Unión, S.A. de C.V., Aeroinversiones de Honduras, S.A., Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A., Avianca Airlease Holdings One Ltd., America Central (Canada) Corp., America Central Corp., AV International Holdco S.A., AV International Holdings S.A., AV International Investments S.A., AV International Ventures S.A., AV Investments One Colombia S.A.S., AV Investments Two Colombia S.A.S., AV Taca International Holdco S.A., Avianca Costa Rica S.A., Avianca Holdings S.A., Avianca Leasing, LLC, Avianca, Inc., Avianca-Ecuador S.A., Aviaservicios, S.A., Aviateca, S.A., Avifreight Holding Mexico, S.A.P.I. de C.V., C.R. Int'l Enterprises, Inc., Grupo Taca Holdings Limited, International Trade Marks Agency Inc., Inversiones del Caribe, S.A., Isleña de Inversiones, S.A. de C.V., Latin Airways Corp., Latin Logistics, LLC, Nicaraguense de Aviación, Sociedad Anónima (Nica, S.A.), Regional Express Américas S.A.S., Ronair N.V., Servicio Terrestre, Aereo y Rampa S.A., Servicios Aeroportuarios Integrados SAI S.A.S., Taca de Honduras, S.A. de C.V., Taca de México, S.A., Taca International Airlines S.A., Taca S.A., Tampa Cargo S.A.S., Technical and Training Services, S.A. de C.V., collectively described as "the second-largest airline group in Latin America", filed at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

USA v. Jack Warner et al: Third Superseding Indictment

Third Superseding Indictment adding four new defendants, including former executives of 21st Century Fox, Inc., of the United States, and Imagina Media Audiovisual SL, of Spain, alleging racketeering, money laundering, wire fraud, tax fraud, and unlawful procurement of naturalization regarding alleged bribery and corruption involving FIFA and other soccer organizations in USA v. Hugo Jinkis, a citizen of Argentina; Mariano Jinkis, a citizen of Argentina; Full Play Group SA, of Uruguay; Hernan Lopez, a citizen of the U.S. and Argentina; Carlos Martinez, a citizen of the U.S. and Mexico; Gerard Romy, a citizen of Spain; Ariel Alvarado, a citizen of Panama; Manuel Burga, a citizen of Peru; Luis Chiriboga, a citizen of Ecuador; Marco Polo Del Nero, a citizen of Brazil; Eduardo Deluca, a citizen of Argentina; Eugenio Figueredo, a citizen of the U.S. and Uruguay; José Luís Meiszner, a citizen of Argentina; Romer Osuna, a citizen of Bolivia; Ricardo Teixeira, a citizen of Brazil; Reynaldo Vasquez, a citizen of El Salvador, and Jack Warner, a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, at the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Banco Continental SA: Chapter 15 Petition

Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Main Proceeding in Honduras by Oscar A. Lagos, of Banco de los Trabajadores, SA, as the Foreign Representative of Banco Continental SA, at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

Laura Zuniga Caceres et al v. Hancock Whitney Bank: Discovery Application

Ex Parte Application by Laura Zuniga Caceres, Bertha Zuniga Caceres, and Salvador Zuniga Caceres to take discovery from Hancock Whitney Bank for use in criminal proceedings in Honduras against Roberto David Castillo Mejia for suspected murder, filed at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.

Honduras: Rosavell Billie Ortega Ventura

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Honduras - to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into Rosavell Billie Ortega Ventura for suspected money laundering

USA v. Dave Clark et al: Superseding Indictment

Superseding Indictment in USA v. Fred Davis Clark, Jr., a.k.a. Dave Clark, and Cristal R. Clark, a.k.a. Cristal R. Coleman, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Joe Zahn leaves scandal-plagued, Cayman-based CMZ Group

United States national Andrew Joseph Zahn has left as Group Director and shareholder of the scandal-plagued CMZ Group, which is headquartered in the Cayman Islands and operates pawn shops and other businesses in the Caribbean.

USA v. Dave Clark et al: Criminal Indictment

Indictment in USA v. Fred Davis Clark, Jr., a.k.a., and Cristal Clark, a.k.a. Cristal Coleman, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Cayman-based alleged fraudster accused of hiding $1.7 m

Cayman Islands resident Dave Clark has been accused of transferring $1.7 million from a bank account in Cayman to one in Honduras in an attempt to keep it from the SEC, which is suing him for allegedly perpetrating a $300 million investment fraud.

USA v. Roberto Mendez Hurtado et al: Criminal Indictment

Indictment in USA v. Roberto Mendez Hurtado, Alvaro Ricardo Nino Bonilla, Roberto Harrigan, Samuel Javier, Jorge Ivan Riveros, Luis Fernando Velasquez Ramirez, Narciso Rondon Mejia, Severo Confessor, Earl Delville Hodge, Juan Figueroa Valdez, Carlston Beazer, Chad Skelton, and Humberto Gallego at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Mexico: Dilson Daniel Pena Velazquez

Complaint for the extradition of Dilson Daniel Pena Velazquez from the USA to Mexico where he is wanted for human smuggling, kidnapping and escaping from prison.

Latin America Round-Up: August 26, 2010

COLOMBIA New Government, Old Challenges Colombian President Álvaro Uribe ends his second consecutive term with 75% approval ratings and strong international support reflected by his designation as vice chair of a UN appointed international panel to investigate Israel's attack on

Latin America Round-Up: May 25, 2010

CENTRAL AMERICA New initiative against corruptionThe countries of Central America's so called northern triangle - El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala - are studying setting up an international commission against impunity, a body capable of taking on organized crime in the

Latin America Round-Up: March 23, 2010

CENTRAL AMERICA Fight against Trafficking Creates Crime Niches in Central AmericaIncreased efforts against drug trafficking in Colombia and Mexico are driving drug mafias into Central America, where drug related corruption, money laundering and violence are growing. President Alfaro Colom of

Latin America Round-Up: January 28, 2010

CHILE The Right is Back After 52 years without a victory at the ballot, the right is coming back to rule Chile, as multi millionaire businessman and former Senator Sebastián Piñera barely won the run off against Eduardo Frei Ruiz

Latin America Round Up: November 19, 2009

COLOMBIA Pyramid sage will be extraditedColombia's Supreme Court authorized the extradition of David Murcia Guzmán - convicted in Colombia of swindling millions of dollars from thousands of people and money laundering - to the US, where he was indicted for

Latin America Round-Up: October 27, 2009

COLOMBIA Pyramid sage will be extraditedColombia's Supreme Court authorized the extradition of David Murcia Guzmán - convicted in Colombia of swindling millions of dollars from thousands of people and money laundering - to the US, where he was indicted for

Latin America Round-Up: August 31, 2009

ARGENTINA President defends her assets President Cristina Fernández rejected accusations of illicit enrichment after the publication of her and her husband's assets revealed an increase of almost 160 percent in the last year. In their asset statement Fernández and

Latin America Round-Up: August 24, 2009

HONDURAS Past of violence and corruption, Present too If the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti remains in power in Honduras after ousting Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, the Central American right may be encouraged to stage further coups against the

Latin America Round-Up: July 19, 2009

COLOMBIA Everybody under surveillance The revelation that the Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (DAS) - Colombia's domestic secret police service, which answers directly to president Álvaro Uribe - has illegally hadjournalists and opposition leaders in Colombia under surveillance has created a

Latin America Round-Up: November 10, 2008

ARGENTINA Menem on trialAlthough he did not show up at court, former Argentina president Carlos Menem began to be tried for his alleged involvement in smuggling arms to Ecuador and Croatia, the biggest corruption scandal during his years in office

Latin America Round-Up: August 4, 2008

BRAZIL & INTERNATIONAL: Brazil Chairs the FATF; HONDURAS: Silence on Public Financial Informationto local observers; MEXICO: Western Union in Trouble; New Anti-Laundering Tariff; and PERU: Governing APRA Under Pressure; Montesinos Admits Crimes; Protests in Lima.

Latin America Round-Up: June 5, 2008

BOLIVIA: More Controls; COLOMBIA: Casa de Cambio Banned; COSTA RICA: Uncertain Future in the Egmont Group; HONDURAS: Hunger Strike against Corruption; MEXICO: Oil Dirty; PARAGUAY: A new era?; and VENEZUELA: Venezuela and Iran, Allies.

Latin America Round-Up: April 1, 2008

Latin America Round-Up: BOLIVIA: Phony Phone Cards Come to Bolivia; CENTRAL AMERICA: Gangs and Corruption; COLOMBIA & VENEZUELA: Colombia Threatens to Denounce Venezuela; THE CARIBBEAN: Crime Wave; PANAMA: Drug Bust; PERU & VENEZUELA: Funds for Covert Meddling?; REGIONAL: 11 out of 20 countries cited for involement in narcotics trafficking.

Latin America Round-Up: February 11, 2008

ARGENTINA: Facing the Ugly Past; BRAZIL: Elections Soon; Drug Land Seized; HONDURAS: YouTube Blues; MEXICO: Drug Trafficking: Alive and Well; Drug Lord Arrested; PARAGUAY: Election & Corruption; and PERU: The Twisted Trial against Fujimori.

Latin America Round-Up: January 7, 2007

BRAZIL: Weapons Galore; Pay Raises Cause Outrage; CHILE: Never Convicted, Pinochet Dies; COLOMBIA: Colombia to Receive Orejuela's Money; INTERNATIONAL: Bribes the rule; MEXICO: Oaxaca still a mess; Drug Money, Impossible to Uproot; NICARAGUA: New Government Already in Motion; PERU: Worrying Signals; Fujimori's Money in Bank of Tokyo; and REGIONAL: A few families control all.

Latin America Round-Up: March 9, 2007

ARGENTINA: Another look at real estate; BRAZIL: Violence in the Favelas; COLOMBIA: One Araújo replaces another; EL SALVADOR: The “other” transport taxes; GUATEMALA: Murder, corruption and politics; HONDURAS: New transparency law unsatisfactory; REGIONAL: Fine for Miami bank; The bank serves mainly the South of Florida, Central America and the Caribbean; and VENEZUELA: Poverty in wealthy countries.

Netherlands: Carlos Alberto Gomez Sarrazola et al

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in the Netherlands into Carlos Alberto Gomez Sarrazola, Gustavo Guerrero Zambrano and others for alleged narcotics trafficking.

Latin America Round-Up: July 5, 2005

ARGENTINA: Cavallo, Again; COLOMBIA: Money Laundering Increasing; Disarticulated Laundering Network; HONDURAS: Another Twist in Bancorp's Tale; LATIN AMERICA: Justice, Maybe; MEXICO: Free Salinas?; and PERU: Banco Wiese report.

Latin America Round-Up: December 31, 2003

COLOMBIA: Flowers and drugs; ECUADOR: Investigation into campaign; HONDURAS: Order to arrest bankers; NICARAGUA: Alemán money laundering conviction; REGIONAL: All except for Honduras; The most corrupt; and PARAGUAY: Sacked from the Supreme Court.

Latin America Round-Up: November 30, 2003

ARGENTINA More incriminating data against MenemFormer Iranian spy Abolghasem Mesbahi confirmed from Berlin in a videotaped interview at the AMIA trial taking place in Buenos Aires that an alleged envoy sent by Carlos Menem requested $10 million in exchange for

Latin America Round-Up: July 31, 2002

COSTA RICA: List of 15 alleged recipients of bribes causes outrage; ECUADOR: Finance Ministry's officials to be arrested; Arms trafficking and Corruption; EL SALVADOR: Investigation of a state company's sale; HONDURAS: INTERFINSA's founder arrested; Another "black list"; MEXICO: US Banker falls in Mexican crackdown; Mexicans take over cocaine business; NICARAGUA: Tangled money; PANAMA: Panama investigates illegal money linked to Nicaragua; PARAGUAY: Bancosur's executives convicted; and URUGUAY: Rohms' dealings in Uruguay; The downfall of "Uruguay's owners"; Banking system in bad shape.

Latin America Round-Up: March 31, 2002

COLOMBIA: News of a kidnapping; GUATEMALA: A tale of embezzlement; HONDURAS: Funny transactions in Honduras; A law against money laundering; NICARAGUA: New charges against Interbank executives; PANAMA: New dirty links between Peru and Panama; Portillo tarnished by accusations; URUGUAY: BCCI's death throes; and REGIONAL: Waves from Washington; Latin America EXTRA.

Latin America Round-Up: February 28, 2002

COLOMBIA: New "super code" against corruption; GUATEMALA: No removal from "black list"; HONDURAS: Rich in Police corruption; HONDURAS & BOLIVIA: New Anti-Money Laundering laws debated; MEXICO: "Yellow light"; Something fishy in Banco Atlántico; PANAMA: New scandal; PERU: Switzerland offers to repatriate $110 million; and REGIONAL: Enron in Latin America.