Creditincome Ltd. et al v. The Swiss Confederation: Complaint (‘$82M Conversion’)

    Complaint that “arises out of Switzerland’s March 19, 2023 conversion of debt securities known as Additional Tier 1 Bonds issued by Credit Suisse AG and beneficially owned by Plaintiffs” in Creditincome Limited, of England; Creditincome Pension Scheme, of England; Double Plateau Holdings LLC, of Delaware, USA; GI Rui Co. Ltd., of Samoa; Red White Investment Ltd., of the Cayman Islands; Rui Gi Lou International Co. Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; Solar Talent International Limited, of the British Virgin Islands, and Springcore Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands v. The Swiss Confederation at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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    June 06, 2024
    The Swiss Confederation
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    Creditincome Limited, Creditincome Pension Scheme, Double Plateau Holdings LLC, GI Rui Co. Ltd., Red White Investment Ltd., Rui Gi Lou International Co. Ltd., Solar Talent International Limited, Springcore Ltd.