Gregory R. Raifman et al v. ClassicStar, LLC et al: Dismissal of Handler, Thayer & Duggan, LLC et al

    Dismissal of Handler, Thayer & Duggan, LLC, Thomas J. Handler, and Thomas J. Handler, J.D., P.C. in Gregory R. Raifman and Susan Raifman, individually and as Trustees of the Raifman Family Revocable Trust dated July 2, 2003, and Gekko Holdings, LLC, d.b.a. Gekko Breeding and Racing v. ClassicStar, LLC, ClassicStar Farms, LLC, Strategic Opportunity Solutions, LLC, d.b.a. Buffalo Ranch, GeoStar Corporation, S. David Plummer, Spencer D. Plummer III, Tony Ferguson, Thomas Robinson, John Parrot, Handler, Thayer & Duggan, LLC, Thomas J. Handler, Thomas J. Handler, J.D., P.C., Karren, Hendrix, Stagg, Allen & Company, P.C., formerly known as Karren, Hendrix & Associates, P.C.; Terry L. Green, and ClassicStar Farms, Inc. at the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

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    May 14, 2009
    ClassicStar, LLC, ClassicStar Farms, Inc., Terry L. Green, Karren, Hendrix & Associates, P.C., Karren, Hendrix. Stagg, Allen & Company, P.C., Thomas J. Handler, J.D., P.C., Thomas J. Handler, Handler, Thayer & Duggan, LLC, John Parrot, Thomas Robinson, Tony Ferguson, Spencer D. Plummer III, S. David Plummer, GeoStar Corporation, Buffalo Ranch, Strategic Opportunity Solutions, LLC, ClassicStar Farms, LLC
    Gregory R. Raifman, Gekko Breeding and Racing, Gekko Holdings, LLC, Raifman Family Revocable Trust, Susan Raifman
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