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    SEC v. Ofer Abarbanel et al: Asset Freeze Application

    Asset Freeze Application in U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Ofer Abarbanel, described as a citizen of Israel residing in California; Victor Chilelli, described as a resident of Delaware, and Income Collecting 1-3 Months T-Bills Mutual Fund, described as "a mutual fund registered in the Cayman Islands", as Defendants, and Institutional Syndication LLC, North American Liquidity Resources LLC, Institutional Secured Credit LLC, Growth Income Holdings LLC, and Global EMEA Holdings LLC, as Relief Defendants, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

    FundHaven Ltd. et al v. Bahamas Securities Commission: Judgment

    Judgment in FundHaven Ltd. and South American Investment Fund Ltd., described as "a private investment holding vehicle for an Argentinian family" v. The Executive Director of the Securities Commission of the Bahamas at the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

    Insider Talking: January 4, 2011

    Canadian fraudster George Georgiou learns the hard way about consecutive sentencing in the USA; We reveal the identities of insiders - past and present - at Georgiou's 401 Capital Partners Inc.; Cayman Finance shares office with fraudster-friendly law firm Thorp Alberga.

    Canadian defrauded two Bahamas brokers of $29 m, alleges indictment

    Canadian national George Georgiou has been criminally indicted in the United States for allegedly defrauding two Bahamas based broker dealers of at least $29 million in a securities scam. Georgiou, 39, masterminded a scheme that caused losses of "approximately $25