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First Bermuda Securities (BVI) Ltd. et al: Censure & Fine

Consent by First Bermuda Securities (BVI) Ltd. and Jeffrey G. Conyers to a censure and $40,000 fine, respectively, and an additional fine of $10,000 for which they are jointly and severally liable to settle a regulatory investigation by FINRA.

Bermuda-based Kiskadee Communications sues ex-business partners for $18 m

Satellite telecommunications firm Kiskadee Communications (Bermuda) Ltd., whose principal shareholders include well known Bermuda businessman Jeffrey Conyers, is seeking compensatory damages of $18.2 million against two former officers of a business partner.Kiskadee Communications, which is based in Hamilton, Bermuda, filed

Real-life ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ now showing at Florida court

The legal version of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean' is being played out in a Florida court case involving a Bahamas studio where scenes from two movies of the same name were shot. Among the cast of characters is a Bermuda Stock Exchange-listed company, a British Virgin Islands shell company that operates as an “underwriting” vehicle; a dubious Nevis-based insurer that is facing liquidation in a separate, unrelated action; and a Florida attorney who is currently suspended from practicing law for allegedly misappropriating client funds.

BFCL tries to raise $131 million

Promoters behind the Bermuda Financial Centre said this week that they are seeking Bermudian investors as much as Bermuda dollar investments for their proposed $131 million hotel, conference and office complex.